O Lord, Open My Lips Available at GIA Music

This piece can work for the beginning of a worship service – or before prayer. It comes in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. You can sing it congregationally, and led by a choir or small ensemble. It will work in contemporary or traditional settings. Click link to purchase from GIA Music.

This introit from the Psalms opens prayer services in several traditions. It can also be used in other worship services. I once heard theologian John Witvliet say that this prayer is another form of saying, Come Holy Spirit!

Este introito sacado de los Salmos sirve para comenzar los servicios de oración en varias tradiciones. Puede utilizarse también en otros servicios de adoración. Yo escuché una vez al teológo John Witvliet decir que ésta oración es otra manera de decir, ¡Ven, Espíritu Santo! 

By Carlos Colon

Composer, liturgist of global sacred music

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