Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

Recorded live at Calvin University. Songwriters Wendell Kimbrough and Carlos Colón lead a multicultural vespers service of scripture-inspired lament, gratitude, and hope with prayers from across time and traditions. YouTube video starts on minute 3:45

El Salvador (Mi Terruño)

Mi Terruño El Salvador

Este es un canto dedicado a la diáspora salvadoreña escrito hace algunos años y dedicado a mi madre, quién ahora vive de regreso en el terruño.

A Tí Señor / I Lift My Eyes

Purchase score in this link.

With gratitude to Kate Williams for playing and singing in the recording.

Escribí este himno como el tema de un campamento musical para niños en la villa de Aguilares, El Salvador. Allí fué donde San Oscar Romero tuvo su transformación a optar por los pobres y oprimidos después del asesinato de su amigo, el Padre Rutilio Grande, quien murió por hablar en favor de los oprimidos. El Padre Rutilio era el párroco de Aguilares. El canto se inspira en el salmo 123, uno de los cantos graduales del salterio. Dedico este canto a Neftalí Valiente, por inspirar mi amor por el salterio.

I wrote this hymn to be the theme song for a children’s music day camp at the village of Aguilares, El Salvador. This was where Saint Oscar Romero was transformed into his decision to opt for the poor and the oppressed, after the assassination of his friend, Father Rutilio Grande, who died because he spoke in favor of the oppressed. Padre Grande was the priest at Aguilares. The song is inspired by Psalm 123, one of the songs of ascent in the Psalter. I dedicate this song to my friend Neftalí Valiente, for inspiring me to love the Psalter.

A ti, Señor, a ti, Señor, yo alzo los ojos;

a ti que habitas en los cielos.

A ti, Señor, a ti Señor, yo alzo los ojos.

Ten misericordia de mí.

Como siervos obedientes

buscamos tus caminos,

y con ojos anhelantes

dependemos de tu amor.

Esperamos tu guía

en oración constante;

¡Ten misericordia, Señor! Estribillo

Ante tantos atropellos,

tantos sueños rotos,

volvemos nuestros rostros

hacia ti, oh Salvador.

Nos sostiene en la lucha

tu compasión eterna; ¡Ten misericordia, Señor! Estribillo

(English) Refrain:

I lift my eyes, I lift my eyes to you, Lord and Savior:

to you who are seated in the heavens.

I lift my eyes, I lift my eyes to you, Lord and Savior;

come and show your mercy to me.

Make us faithful as we follow

all of your commandments;

with our longing eyes we seek you

and the love within your Word.

How we long for your guidance,

our prayers forever rising;

in your mercy, save us, O Lord! Refrain

We’ve endured such pain and insult;

so many dreams lie broken.

Yet we turn again to see you,

and we know we’ll be restored.

Your compassion sustains us

with love in times of trouble.

In your mercy, save us, O Lord! Refrain

Give Me Jesus

Give Me Jesus / Dame a Cristo Video of one of my favorite spirituals. I recorded it with Matthew White and Cecilia De La Rosa during the thick of the pandemic. Listen in the video link below: