New Bilingual Hymnal Available Now!


Update: You can order the hymnal here and now from GIA Publications!!!

I have been part of the editorial team, led by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, that has been working on the largest bilingual hymnal (Spanish-English) ever published. With about 800 hundred songs containing Latin American Spirituals, beloved hymns, songs from around the world, contemporary songs by authors like Sandra McGracken, Marcos Witt, Audrey Assad, and many others.

He sido parte del equipo editorial que ha producido el himnario bilingüe mas extenso que ha sido publicado hasta la fecha. Con aproximadamente 800 coritos, himnos amados, y canciones contemporáneas. 

Santo, Santo, Santo / Holy, Holy, Holy will be published in several editions, including the following versions: Choir edition; Keyboard Accompaniment editions; Guitar editions. In addition to physical printed editions, GIA also anticipates publishing electronic counterparts of each physical edition for iOS and Android.

This hymnal as a depository of beauty. I’ve enjoyed working from the inside of a project like this. You will find songs that are beautiful in words, sound and doctrine.  For more on bilingual singing, please see this article.

Who will benefit from this hymnal? ¿Quiénes se beneficiarán?

-Congregations who sing bilingually

– Schools, universities and seminaries

– Families who want to sing together

– Camps and conferences


By Carlos Colon

Composer, liturgist of global sacred music


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