The Choral Scholars Perform Carlos Colón’s Requiem

Requiem, “Las Lamentaciones de Rufina Amaya”

I was honored to work with The Choral Scholars from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are a professional group that has recorded some of the most representative choral music. I recommend that you visit their website, and buy their recordings.ChoralScholars

I am thankful for an excellent performance, with an exquisite interpretation, and fidelity to the score.  You can hear my Requiem, “Las Lamentaciones de Rufina Amaya” here. The composition starts on minute 5:30. An MP3 audio file is also available, upon request.

Contact the composer to receive a sample of the score. Mr. Colón is also available for conducting his music. As a refugee from the Salvadoran conflict, he is also an ambassador for peace and good will.

Here are some samples of the full score:





By Carlos Colon

Composer, liturgist of global sacred music

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