Two Psalms for Times of Violence

Dos Salmos para Tiempos de Violencia

I wrote this song for a student’s retreat in Aguilares, El Salvador. It is inspired by Psalms 120 & 121, and it will appear in GIA’s upcoming bilingual hymnal, ” Santo, Santo, Santo”, “Holy, Holy, Holy: Songs for the People of God.”

Escribí este canto para un campamento de estudiantes en Aguijares, El Salvador. Está inspirado en los Salmos 120 y 121. Aparecerá en el himnario “Santo, Santo, Santo: Cantos para el pueblo de Dios” de próxima publicación bajo el sello de GIA Music.

I start slow the song slow in Spanish, and then we transition to a faster tempo. I use  Cumbia rhythms, and elements of Puerto Rican plena. This was presented at Baylor’s Alleluia conference on July 20, 2018.

Lyrics/ Letra: Al Señor clamé estando en angustia, y él me respondió.                                                 Líbrame del labio mentiroso, y lenguas embusteras.                                                            Ay de mí! Que habito entre gente violenta;  Ay de mí! Que habito entre tanta maldad.

Quiero paz, pero ellos solo hablan de guerra.  Ven, Señor,  Ven, ven y dános tu paz. 

(English Tr. by Greg Scheer)

I am crying out to God in my anguish, and he will hear my prayer.                                                 Deliver me from lying lips, Oh save me, from tongues that are deceitful.                        

Woe is me! For I live in a land  full of violence;                                                                                    Woe is me! For I dwell among those who hate peace.          

I’m for peace, but they say only war is the answer. Woe is me! For I dwell among those who hate peace.  I’m for peace, but they say only war is the answer.                                                                 Come, O Lord!  Come and give us your peace.



The Choral Scholars Perform Carlos Colón’s Requiem

I was honored to work with The Choral Scholars from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are a professional group that has recorded some of the most representative choral music. I recommend that you visit their website, and buy their recordings.ChoralScholars

I am thankful for an excellent performance, with an exquisite interpretation, and fidelity to the score.  You can hear my Requiem, “Las Lamentaciones de Rufina Amaya” here. The composition starts on minute 5:30. An MP3 audio file is also available, upon request.

Contact the composer to receive a sample of the score. Mr. Colón is also available for conducting his music. As a refugee from the Salvadoran conflict, he is also an ambassador for peace and good will.

Here are some samples of the full score: